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8:00AM - 5:00PM

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Monday - Friday


July 25, 2024

Safe & Nurturing Environment

Safe & Nurturing Environment

Explore a secure and caring space for your child to learn, play, and grow. Trust us to prioritize your child's safety and well-being.

A Safe Haven for Little Explorers

A Safe Haven for Little Explorers

Discover a secure and nurturing environment where your child's safety and well-being are our top priorities.

It's Always A Team At Komuka

It's Always A Team At Komuka

A place where your kid always teams with others to accomplish tasks even when playing

Quality Tine For The Kids

Quality Tine For The Kids

Special Moments For The Kids Playtime

Sand Pit Play

Sand Pit Play

A Special Moment For Our Kids TO Enjoy Playing In Sand

About us

Welcome to Komuka Daycare

Komuka Daycare, a child care center/preschool, was established in February 2023; located along Hamis Kiggundu Road Bunga Kawuku in Kampala.

We render facilities that provide care, supervision, and early education for young children. We play a vital role in supporting the development and well-being of children during their early years; ages 1.5 year to 5 years.


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For the purpose of providing a conducive environment, playful ambiance, and creative community of your child, we provide the following:

Professional child handling throughout the day

Celebrate every milestone of the kid at komuka daycare

It is never a boring holiday for the kids at Komuka

Why Choose Komuka?

Professional Staff


Affordable Rates

We have a solid mission and vision as to why you need us.

Vision: A trusted and leading childcare provider, dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment where every child can thrive, learn, and build a strong foundation for lifelong success.

Our Mission: To provide a nurturing, and enriching environment for young children while supporting the needs of their parents and guardians.

Our Community Values

“Our values encompass a child-centered approach, prioritizing safety and security, fostering a nurturing and caring environment, promoting respect for diversity and inclusion, and encouraging collaboration and partnership.”



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